Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Looters - They should all be locked up.

They are ripping out and destroying the heart of communities the length of Britain. Their actions, motivated by greed and self gratification, are causing the destruction of long standing family businesses, they've left people homeless and High Streets looking like ghost towns. People who thought they had a job to go to will turn up this morning in London to find their place of employment closed due to the current situation. The cost to the public purse to repair the damage they have caused will be huge. Their criminal activities are serving only to make the poor poorer and push a generation without hope deeper into despair.

They appear to be getting away with it and some would argue they are being rewarded for their outrageous criminal behaviour as the law and politicians stand watching impotently - as whatever can be looted is grabbed.

Bankers - Looters in suits, not masks.


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  1. Hello, dear friend!! Sorry for my absence -- all will be explained, like Agatha Christie, promise. And then, I can't wait to catch up with all I've missed here @ the Scribbler, which I'm sure's been much.

    On this, however, I must say I completely and totally agree this is condemnable behavior on behalf of any people, regardless of whether or not this may be considered "justified."

    However, what I see is the result of an explosion caused by prolonged frustration. This, though condemnable, was inevitable. This is what happens when leaders don't listen to their people. This is what happens when needs aren't met.

    Tornadoes happen when pressure on opposite sides of the atmosphere collide...

    Prayers of healing, love, and peace go out to all the people of London. Though this catastrophe is not okay, no one has the right to be surprised.

    Cheers, friend!
    *hands you a bottle of "soctch"*