Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A Good Day for Burying Bad News

Tuesday 19th July was a special day - Rupert Murdoch and his son James were being called to account before a Parliamentary committee - The eyes of the world were fixed upon them. I should've known the Government would seize the moment to do 'something' while our gaze was averted - I should've, but I didn't - and yes they did.

While we were all watching the shaving foam farce - the death certificate of one of Britain's finest institutions was signed - The National Health Service and all that it represents was done to death and one of the biggest lies this current Government has ever perpetrated went unnoticed.  Health Minister Andrew Lansley, announced that large chunks of the NHS would be farmed out to private companies. The services which represent £1 Billion worth of NHS expenditure include Adult Psychological Community Services and wheelchair services for children. This flies in the face of EVERYTHING promised in the ruling parties manifesto pre-election. Be sure that it represents the first steps in the complete privatisation (aka corporate profit) of the NHS.

The British have few institutions left which they can rightly feel proud of - the NHS is one, it ambles along, it gets starved of cash by successive governments but it is always there, ready and willing to assist those in need at no cost.

Is it too late to reverse this idiocy?

The answer lies with the British People themselves, but how many of them know what took place while they watched one fat-cat get hauled over the coals?

For a more in depth look at this issue please see the Daily Telegraph and THE DAY THEY SIGNED THE DEATH WARRANT FOR THE NHS


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  1. Jesus Christ! Not a blip about it here. There was an article in the Guardian about it last week, and of course they sneak it through when everyone's distracted. There's a lesson to learn. I'm starting to think the conspiracy theorists aren't so nuts... not all of it, but it's certainly looking like we're moving to a one-world standard in government. And it ain't a good standard. And this time, we may just be the bad guys.